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Hello everyone! I’m Emily from Emily Reads Everything ( and I’m so pleased to be here today! Marissa Nicole and I talked long and hard about what we were going to do for our posts. We couldn’t seem to think of just the right idea. Then she suggested that I recommend you some fantasy novels because fantasy is a genre that she doesn’t usually read. If you haven’t checked out my blog, I love fantasy! This was a great idea and I had a lot of fun deciding what books I would choose for you today.

What I love about fantasy is the world building. I love a deep and complex world that I can dive into. I chose three classics and three newer stories. These books are all by different authors but are all fantastic novels. Each is the first book in an extensive series and each one is a great introduction to fantasy. Hopefully one of these books will help you fall in love with the genre, if you haven’t already.
 The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory.


In this book Kellan, the son of the arch mage, runs from his father’s rigid plans for him and in the process discovers a different world outside of his city’s walls.

This book series is full of magic, unicorns, elves and dragons. Its definitely high fantasy! What I loved best was the 3 distinct types of magic, mage, wild, and demon, and how they intertwined to shape the story.

The Color of Magic by Sir Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett combines fantasy with quick wit and British humor. He brings to fantasy what Douglas Adams brought to Sci Fi. In this first volume, Rincewind, an inept wizard, desperately runs away from any hint of danger yet finds himself in trouble at every turn. Discworld, a flat world that sits on the backs of 4 elephants standing on a turtle who swims through space is the perfect place to escape to.
 Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

This is a good example of classic fantasy. Sophie is the eldest daughter and as such is destined for failure. It’s no surprise that she gets cursed by the infamous and evil Witch of the Waste and is transformed into an old woman. The only chance she has is to convince the bad tempered, heartless wizard, howl, to help her.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfield

( )

I can’t resist an engaging alternative reality. In this world, with World War 1 brewing, Allied powers rely on genetically modified animals that were specifically bred for aspects of war while the Axis powers build steam powered machines to accomplish the same goals. Deryn disguises herself as a boy in order to work on an airship. Alek is a prince without a kingdom on the run for his life. When they cross paths everything changes.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce


Terrier is a unique cross between a book about magic and a mystery novel. Beka Cooper has always wanted to be one of the Provost’s Dogs (the town guard). When she finally becomes a ‘puppy’ (a rookie) she gets her first choice assignment in the Lower City, the toughest area in town. Luckily Beka has a unique ability that makes her particularly suited for the job.

  Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin


Raine Benares is a seeker. She finds lost things and is paid for it. However, this time she is in over her head. She’s hired to find a lost amulet, but when she takes hold of it, it takes possession of her. With goblins, elves, and a soul sucking amulet with a mind of its own on her case, Raine has more trouble than she can handle. Plus, one of the threads of magic in these stories is song based and the practitioners are called Spellsingers. Which I loved.

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy picks. Of course there are thousands of other fantasy novels out there that are great reads. I always try to pick books that you may not have heard of otherwise. I love to introduce people to new authors. Thank you to Marissa Nicole so much for thinking up this post topic and sharing her blog with me today!


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