Hey everyone!

I am finally doing the Rip it or Ship it Tag! This tag has been on my to-do list for a long time but every time I had a desire to do it, I got to lazy while cutting out the pieces of paper. Anyway, I finally made it it through that one minute of tedious work so I could join in on the trend!yay

Before I begin, this tag was created by Emmmabooks on youtube. You can check out the original video of this tag here. Anyway, let’s begin!

1. Tobias (The Divergent Series) and Juliette (The Shatter Me Series)



Nope. I love both of these characters but they could never date. Maybe they might be an acceptable pair as Juliette losses her damsel-in-distress persona and stops whining.

2. Cadence Sinclair (We Were Liars) and Maddy (Everything, Everything)

SHIP IT (I guess)


I do not know how to feel about these two. They both are going through some harsh situations so they could help each other cope with their situations. On the other hand, I do not think their personalities would go well together. If I had to ship Cadence with any fictional character, it would be Mara in the Mara Dyer series.

3. Mia (If I Stay) and Daemon (The Lux Series)



Imagining these two characters together made me laugh extremely hard. Mia and Daemon are complete opposites in almost every aspect. I love both characters, but them together would be horrible.

4. Mara (The Mara Dyer Series) and Katniss (The Hunger Games)


ship it

YES! This is the best none OTP pair I have ever seen. I don’t ship them in a relationship way but as a friendship because their personalities have various similarities. I could see them fighting evil together since they are both extremely badass characters!

5. Kenji (The Shatter Me Series) and Alaska (Looking for Alaska)

RIP IT!!!!!


I cannot even consider this as a reasonable ship. Alaska is so dark and mysterious and Kenji is the exact opposite.

6. Emma (Can You Keep a Secret) and Gale (The Hunger Games Series)



This might be the strangest pair I have picked. The one problem I have while seeing if they are compatible is that they come from unlike genres. Overall, I do not like Gale and believe he is unworthy of Emma.

So, that was my attempt at doing the Rip it or Ship it Tag! If you have other tags you would want me to do, comment below.


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