SBPT: The Petite Book Blogger

Hey everyone!

This is the eighth stop on the Book Bratz Summer Promo Blog Tour! Today we have The Petite Book Blogger!

Top Four Fictional Worlds That I Would Want To Visit Now, This was much more difficult to write about than I had anticipated. I think what kind of stumped me was the word “fictional”. You see, there are a lot of places in this world that I would like to visit one day, but fictional worlds are a completely different story. I really don’t know if I have ever read about a fictional world that was decent. Something that I wouldn’t constantly be petrified of dying in. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was hard finding a world in which I wouldn’t die since I have absolutely no survival skills. So I’ve managed to scrounge up four places that I would like to visit.

The Moon, Dove Arising by Karen Bao

I’ve actually always been fascinated by the moon. I think that it would be really cool to take a selfie with earth in the background! Don’t you! (Ugh, I know I’m such a tourist).

Mars, Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Mars….It’s red..It will look great with my MAC lipstick…..Red really complements my skin tone… I honestly don’t have anything else to say about it other than that.

Neverland, Peter Pan by John M. Barrie

A mermaid lagoon, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Micheal, never growing up. There are so many reasons why I would want to stay there. I am honestly dreading the day that I grow up. I like that my parents take care of everything. I don’t want to grow up! Get old and end up looking like a real housewive with all of my botox!

Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality, Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

Okay, I love everything that has to with spies and espionage. I would totally enroll in a school that taught me how to be a proper lady while learning how to be an assassin. SIGN ME UP!!!!


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