Mini Review: Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendall

Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendle was our bookclub’s recent read. I found Bloodlines to be extremely enjoyable. The characters were likable and well written. I especially loved Lily because she kept Kiera grounded. Another thing I found unique about this story was that the book made you feel every emotion. Lastly, I enjoyed was how action packed and fast paced this read was.

Despite my likeness of the book, I did find several faults. The first error I encountered was that the story felt it lacked editing. There were parts in the story that had noticeable grammatical errors. Also, I found a lot of not necessary scenes that were mentioned in the plot. Lastly, certain parts of Bloodlines felt too predictable. Usually, I am oblivious to plot twists but I found this book easy to foretell.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this read and would highly recommend to fans of Supernatural (TV show) because of the many similarities they share. I cannot wait to read more of Lindsay Anne Kendal’s work.


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