Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Hey everyone!

Before I begin, I decided to let you all know that I won’t be rating books by stars. For me, star ratings are not an accurate judgement of the book. Usually when I use star ratings, I base my stars on how I liked the book, not the content that is included. With that being said, no more star ratings for a while!

As you all know, Colleen Hoover has been getting a lot of buzz throughout the past years. Almost every contemporary reader has read at least one of Colleen’s works. Shamefully, I read my first book of Colleen’s yesterday. I would like to thank Stella for buying me the book to read!

Maybe Someday was an interesting read. Throughout the story, the readers follow two POVs. The first point of view is from Sydney, a twenty-two-year-old women who found out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend. The second POV was Ridge, a deaf guitar player who is dating Maggie though he has feelings for Sydney.

In the beginning, we meet Sydney, a girl who is captivated to Ridge’s ability to play guitar even though she has never met him. Eventually, Ridge gets Sydney to text him when he sees her singing lyrics that he never wrote to his songs.

On her 22nd birthday, Ridge decides to text Sydney about he boyfriend cheating on her since he saw them on her porch. After breaking up with her cheating boyfriend and punching her best friend in the face, Sydney leaves her appointment and has to find somewhere to live at. Ridge kindly lets her live with him, Bridgette- a crazy girl who is always angry-, and Warren who is obsessed with sex and is dating Bridgette. Sydney begins to write the lyrics to Ridge’s band’s songs to pay for rent. Eventually, Ridge and Sydney develop a greater personal relationship although he is in love with Maggie. Ridge and Sydney become confused and heartbroken as they try to figure out their feelings. How could something so wrong be so right?

I honestly did not expect to like this book as much as I did. I thought that since the hype for this book was grand that it may fall flat of my expectations. However, I loved it! The book was extremely emotional and captivating. I finished the book in a day and felt hungry for more! The romance was fantastic. Not to mention, some scenes between Sydney and Ridge that were swoon worthy! Warren was my favorite character! Warren added life and humor to the story. I honestly loved his relationship with Bridgette. Overall, this book was incredible.

Despite my enjoyment in this book, I found one fault. Sydney. I absolutely despised Sydney. My main fault with Sydney was how over emotional she was. I lost count of how many times Sydney cried. Every single chapter features some form of tears. I have never met a character that was as emotional as Sydney. Another character flaw Sydney obtained was how hypocritical she was. Sydney constantly bashed Hunter for cheating on her with Tori even though Sydney and Ridge were doing the same with Maggie.

Besides Sydney, this story was phenomenal. I will definitely read more Colleen Hoover books.


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