Tonight the Street Are Ours by Leila Sales

yupI do not know how to write this review without being too harsh. To be frank, I did not like this book at all. I tried extremely hard to love this book because of the hype but failed miserably. I know I am going to receive an abundance of negative comments but please try to hear me out.

I am going to begin this review with the characters. Oh, the characters. I would be lying if I said that I liked the characters. Considering that a main aspect of the book is the characters, this statement is not positive.

I decided to go over the characters I disliked the most first. I am going to state something that I feel is being overlooked throughout this book. ARDEN IS A STALKER!! What teenage girl drives over 300 miles to an unfamiliar city *without permission* just to see a boy who you met on the internet. Not only did she drive there and call every bookstore in New York City to find him, she never once talked to him nor comment on his blog. I mean, hello! At least give him a warning before you show up to his job! Also, Arden was extremely controlling. When she was not bossing around Lindsay, she was reprimanding Peter for wat he was writing despite only knowing him for a day.

Now onto Peter. Peter was the most annoying character in this book. I disliked him from the beginning and that opinion remained the same. Peter had the trait of subtly bragging. In one of his posts, he states how he does not want to be defined by the amount of income his family receive or something relevant to that statement. However, in future posts, he talks about his trips to the Hamptons and various parties that appear to be extravagant. Another thing I did not enjoy about Peter was his blog posts. I thought that his posts were mediocre and did not compare to Leila’s writing style for Arden’s mind. Finally, his instalove for Bianca was cheesy. I understand he liked her, but the whole thing felt fake.

Since those were the only characters that suffered major faults, I decided to leave the rest of that area untouched. The next aspect of the book I disliked was the plot. Parts of the story felt unrealistic. Who would drive over 300 miles to see someone that they met online without parental permission? How would you feel comfortable meeting someone that you don’t know what he looks like?

The one thing that this story had going for it was the theme. The theme was a beautiful expression of love. I love Leila’s expression of love and loyalty.

Overall, I would not recommend this book. It was simply okay. I wish I could say more about it.


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