Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian


I have mixed emotions about this book. I loved it but hated certain aspects of the book (Brandy). Just like The Shatter Me series by Taherah Mafi, you either loved it or hated it. There is rarely an in between. In this book, I veered more on loving it than hating it. Why? Because despite what others might say, it was an enjoyable read.

Personally, I have no experience in the aspect of bisexuality, therefore, I do not know whether it was relatable. Being that I am less educated on bisexuality than other reviewers, I will not base my review on the relatability of the story. However, this story made me more intrigued on the topic of bisexuality. Reading about someone’s confusion and frustration about being attracted to both genders was something I found unique because you fully feel Will’s emotions. Story’s that are similar to Cut Both Ways are now becoming mentioned more on my TBR.

Another thing I enjoyed about the story was Angus and William! They were so cute and incredible! I shipped them together more than William and Brandy.

The final thing I enjoyed about this story were the characters (besides Brandy). The characters were well written. Carrie has a great talent for adding depth to her characters that make them appear real.

Despite my enjoyment towards the book, there was one thing I disliked. Carrie. Brandy tended to annoy me every time her name was spoken. Maybe because of how love sick she was. Brandy felt weak and had little respect for herself at times. *SPOILER* I mean, she had sex with Will without a condom *outside* because they felt like it. Brandy did the most idiotic thing you could possibly do when having sex at a young age. Brandy basically stated that she did not care if she got pregnant or inherited an STD because of her desire for sex. How careless could you possibly be?! *SPOILER IS OVER*.

Overall, I enjoy this book, and think that it is a great entrance to the topic of bisexuality. I cannot wait to read more on this topic.


4 thoughts on “Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian

  1. rebelliouscupid says:

    Wow I’m kinda disappointed that an author would make a huge mistake like that. Unprotected sex is not something I’d promote in a YA book. I feel really strongly about that to the point that if i can’t make characters take part in safe sex, they just won’t have it at all. I think I’ll try this book, based on your review but I’ll tread really lightly!

    Aside from the faults, It was cool to meet her at Kidlitcon, right?



    • Marissa Nicole says:

      I agree with your statement. It is such an irresponsible detail to add in a book especially a novel directed towards young adults.That scene in the story was discomforting because I was irritated in the characters’ reckless actions. In the author’s slight defense, the character did have a pregnancy scare but it was only mentioned for a chapter than the story moved on to another topic. There were a few topics that were slightly overlooked as well. However, it was really cool to meet her!


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