What I am Thankful For

Marissa Nicole

Happy Thanksgiving!


Throughout the holiday season, we tend to loose track of what the true meaning of the celebrations are. Instead of spending this day being thankful, we spend today yearning for a big feast and scout the lowest prices for Black Friday. Sadly, I have been guilty of this.


To not be ignorant to the holiday, I decided to put together a list of things that I am thankful for:


  • My friends who always stick by me no matter what.
  • My family who have raised me with love and kindness.
  • Shadow, my cat who had died this past September. Though his life was short, he had given me a wonderful 11 years.
  • My blog which has granted me so many wonderful opportunities and allowed meet to meet all of you.
  • My ability to have the education that has been bestowed onto me.
  • My health that is still strong.
  • My life that is filled with many wonderful adventures.
  • That I am able to have the things I own.
  • All the privileges I have been granted.
  • And finally, you! To all my readers and followers, I am eternally grateful for you all. Love you!

ARC Review: Falling for the Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz


Synopsis: Ruby Davis has a crush on her brother’s best friend. At least, he was his bestie until the big betrayal. Now Drew is off limits to everyone, especially Ruby. She can’t stand the way people treat him, or the way he feels about himself. It isn’t right. And those deep green eyes are calling to her.

Drew is scarred and damaged, and he has no business even looking at Ruby. But he can’t help himself. She’s beautiful, but he does his best to stay away. When they are assigned a school project, they become reluctant friends – even though they want so much more.

She’s torn between her feelings for Drew and loyalty to her brother. There’s no way they can ever be together…but love just might find a way


Falling for the Wrong Guy is an incredible story that sheds light on topics such as grief and forgiveness. I enjoyed the family foundation of the story. Falling for the Wrong Guy is a beautifully touching read.

The plot to this story was great. I felt that the premise of the plot was interesting. In the end, I thought this book was beautiful. However, there were times that the plot fell flat. I wish that the ending was longer, too.

The characters in the story were tolerable. I loved Drew. I thought that Drew was the best character in the book. Despite my liking of Drew, I disliked Blake. Blake was a character who always depended on others. He was always reminding everyone of his pain. I loved the characters, but sometimes they felt one-dimensional.

Overall, I enjoy the story and think Falling for the Wrong Guy is worth the read. Featuring great characters and an interesting concept, readers will enjoy the book.

*Thank you to Sara Hantz and Entangled Teen for sending me this ARC.*

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

a little something different

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is a unique love story. With adorable characters, an intriguing plot, and an unusual writing style, A Little Something Different is a refreshing read!

The story takes place over a span of a year and is in many points of view. From a creative writing professor to a squirrel, everyone secretly wishes that Lea and Gabe would get together. Over a long time frame, readers hear from fourteen different points of view that all hold the same opinion. Will Lea and Gabe get together in the end? Find out in this adorable story!

Overall, A Little Something Different features a great set of characters. Sandy Hall has an incredible gift that allows her to switch points of view with ease. Readers will enjoy how different each characters’ minds are. Another thing that I found intriguing was how she gave nonhumans their own thoughts. However, certain aspects of the nonhumans felt odd. For example, the semi-pervish bench.

The plot of A Little Something Different was fun to read. I love the idea of two people who are meant to be together but aren’t. It was fun to see how frustrated the characters would get when Lea and Gabe would not admit their feelings. Another interesting aspect of the story was that the main characters never had their own point of view, but the supporting roles did. I feel like this feature of the book added more intensity to the plot. My only complaint about the story was that the climax of the story happened really late in the plot.

Overall, A Little Something Different does stand out from other love stories in a remarkable way. While reading this story, readers will be screaming in frustration for Lea and Dave’s romance along with the other characters.

Mini Review: Daemon Academy by Danielle Rose


As you all know, I was a fan of Blood Rose by Danielle Rose and Daemon Academy did not disappoint.

Like Blood Rose, Daemon Academy was an incredibly fast paced read. In fact, I finished this short story in one sitting. Danielle Rose has a captivating writing style that traps you into the story.

As for this story, I liked it! I am not a huge fan of horror. Luckily, this story was scary but not to the point of unbearable. Another great thing was it was not graphic. All in all, it was the perfect amount of everything.

Overall, I wish this story was longer so that I could enjoy its plot more.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness


This. Book. Is. Fantastic.

As many of you may know, The Rest of Us Just Live Here was my most anticipated release of 2015. Unfortunately, I did not actually get it until a few weeks after its release date. I had mixed emotions about reading it after receiving it. What if I hated it? What if it was a terrible book that I spent most of the year swooning over? Luckily the book did not disappoint!

The main complaint I had read on Goodreads about this book was that it lacked action. Going into the story, I had extremely low expectations for it being action-packed because, after all, it is a story about the non-chosen ones.

The story follows a group of seniors as they try to live out their normal lives while the indie kids keep dying. The story is in Mikey’s, a boy who is suffering from OCD and the constant feeling of being the least wanted in his group of friends, point of view. Despite being told from Mikey’s life, we meet his sister, Mel, as well. Jared is another main character in this story who is Mikey’s best friend and possibly the god of cats. Even though I loved all the other characters, I did not like Henna. Henna is Mikey’s love interest who constantly leads him on throughout the story.

The story is told in two different styles: one section of the book is dedicated specifically to humorously talk about the Indie Kids and the other is told from Mikey about his friends. Ness beautifully portrays what it is like to almost be the hero but never make the cut. To stand in the background as others are chosen for leads. Overall, Ness gave me a story that made me feel less alone.

With a beautiful writing style, personal and diverse characters, and a heart-warming story, The Rest of Us Just Live Here will make you fall in love.