A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

a little something different

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is a unique love story. With adorable characters, an intriguing plot, and an unusual writing style, A Little Something Different is a refreshing read!

The story takes place over a span of a year and is in many points of view. From a creative writing professor to a squirrel, everyone secretly wishes that Lea and Gabe would get together. Over a long time frame, readers hear from fourteen different points of view that all hold the same opinion. Will Lea and Gabe get together in the end? Find out in this adorable story!

Overall, A Little Something Different features a great set of characters. Sandy Hall has an incredible gift that allows her to switch points of view with ease. Readers will enjoy how different each characters’ minds are. Another thing that I found intriguing was how she gave nonhumans their own thoughts. However, certain aspects of the nonhumans felt odd. For example, the semi-pervish bench.

The plot of A Little Something Different was fun to read. I love the idea of two people who are meant to be together but aren’t. It was fun to see how frustrated the characters would get when Lea and Gabe would not admit their feelings. Another interesting aspect of the story was that the main characters never had their own point of view, but the supporting roles did. I feel like this feature of the book added more intensity to the plot. My only complaint about the story was that the climax of the story happened really late in the plot.

Overall, A Little Something Different does stand out from other love stories in a remarkable way. While reading this story, readers will be screaming in frustration for Lea and Dave’s romance along with the other characters.


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