ARC Review: Double Trouble by DM Wolfenden


(Thank you to DM Wolfdenen and Booktips for granting me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

Synopsis: Three short stories.

Carly: Carly has been through a horrendous ordeal; her cousin disappeared, then her family were murdered in front of her. 

She tells the police that James Andres had been stalking her, then he killed her family and kidnapped her, and that she has killed him. However, she refuses to reveal where the body is. 

The Box: Fifteen years after their mother walked out on them and their father, twenty-seven-year-old Charlene, and her sister Stacy open The Box that their father keeps his secrets hidden away in. What they learn changes everything. What really happened to their mother. 

Bernie and the Beast- Only available in this collection: Bernie has started having visions, he sees what the beast with yellow eyes does.

These short stories are amazing! I found myself completing all of the stories within 24 hours. Each story was captivating and suspenseful. In the end, I enjoyed each story immensely.

However, there were a few grammatical errors (word choice, awkward sounding phrases, lack of punctuation). Also, sometimes the stories felt unfinished and unanswered but the positive attributes of the stories outshine the minor flaws.

Overall, the stories are entertaining and are worth a read!


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