I Was Here by Gayle Forman


My overall opinion of this book was disappointed. If you gave me I Was Here without telling me who the author was then I would have no idea that it was Gayle Forman. In fact, I would never guess it was her book in a million years because this was not the Gayle Forman that I have grown to know and enjoy. This book lacked Gayle Forman’s passion and talent. I Was Here did not obtain the ability to make you feel the emotions that the characters are undergoing. In the end, I was not impacted by this book whatsoever.

I loved If I Stay and Where She Went. In fact, those books were what got in to enjoying young adult books. However, I Was Here was not the same. I Was Here was a book touching base on the topic of suicide. Throughout the story, Meg’s best friend, Cody is desperate to find out why Meg killed herself. Cody goes to dangerously extreme extents to find answers. As we follow Cody’s search, we meet many people who knew Meg that may have answers. With many road trips, plot twists, interesting facts about suicide, and intriguing characters, what’s not to love? Well, I will tell you.

First, the plot. The story moves at an extremely slow pace, especially in the beginning. We spend a few chapters just on Meg’s funeral and vigils. However, the pace quickens a little throughout the middle and end.

The story begins after Meg killed herself so you have no feelings towards Meg. The problem with killing an important character prior to the start of the book is that we had no idea what she was like. Unfortunately, flashbacks do not shed enough light on her character for me to feel real sympathy. So, Meg’s character remained flat throughout the whole story.

The romance in the story felt unnecessary. I understand why Gayle Forman did it. It made Ben kind of like the ‘bad guy turns good and ends up with the girl’ character. However, I felt no connection between Cody and Ben. Overall, the romance lost me.

The characters were all great besides Cody. Oh, Cody. How much I despised her character. Cody was the know-it-all character who judged every other character. Not only was she judgmental, she was also a horrible person in general. She told her best friend’s parents that she would not write a eulogy for their dead daughter as if she was the only person in pain. Not only that, she made everything about her and her problems. Finally, she was psycho. *SPOILER* She pretended to be suicidal so she could stalk the person she claimed killed Meg (even though no one could kill Meg, it was her own decision) and confront him. How crazy can you be that you would go to a strangers house, walk inside their house, and freak out at them? HE COULD BE A CRIMINAL!! *SPOILER OVER*

Overall, this book was a flop. I hope Gayle Forman’s next book is better because I really do love her writing style.

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