Discussion Post: My Opinion on Not Finishing Books


I feel embarrassed for starting this late but after less than a year of blogging, I finally decided to write discussion posts! I do not know why I had waited this long to write one. However, I am excited to make my blog more than reviews, interviews, street teams, and the occasional Top Ten Tuesday.

There’s a popular topic among readers that is about whether it is acceptable to not finish a book. The debate focuses on whether you should stick-it-out or move on to a new book because life is too short to read bad books. Though both sides make interesting points, I am going to voice my opinion.

In my opinion, whether you finish or don’t finish a book depends on the situation. Are you reading the book for business or pleasure? Is the book interesting but isn’t something you want to read at the moment? Did you enjoy the story but are preoccupied with other books?

I only neglect to finish a book if I am reading for pleasure. If I do not enjoy a story then I will not finish it. After all, how is it reading for pleasure if you do not enjoy the book? Also, I will take breaks from a book if I am busy reading books that I was given by authors and publishers. Finally, I will take a break from books if I do not want to read the story at a certain time.

However, I will finish a book if a publisher and authors send them to me. No matter how much I dislike the book, if an author uses their own money to send me a book, I owe them a review. It takes a lot for an author to give you books, it is rude for you to not finish it. However, there are exceptions for authors that request you to not give their book a review if it is less than three stars.

Overall, the only reason you should force yourself to finish a book that you do not favor is if it was sent to you for free. In the end, if you are reading a book for pleasure then you can finish it or not finish. Life is too short to read bad books.


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