Why Do I Usually Hate the Characters that Most Resemble Me?

In every book I read, I always find a character who I do not like. Strangely, half of the characters that I hate are similar to me. Reflecting on this observation, I have to wonder: is my reasoning for not liking the character because they make me aware of my flaws? If that is the case, wouldn’t books be a great way to see yourself through a different perspective?

When reading, I discover certain characters are irritating based on specific flaws. When I am writing the character portion of my reviews, I realize that I am somewhat similar to the character that I do not favor. For example, I do not like characters who are always complaining or who are very assertive. With this in mind, books give me input on who I am and how I feel about it. I have become more aware of the qualities that I dislike and have tried to fix them. I realized that I don’t get easily annoyed by emotionally weak characters anymore because I am not emotionally weak. I feel that reading has become more than a hobby, it has become a way that I can improve as a person. I now know that the traits that I cannot stand are traits that I may obtain.

There are some character flaws that are generally annoying and do not involve me. For example, I hate jealous and fake characters because they aren’t qualities I favor. These traits are common faults that everyone hates. However, you will know if the reason you hate a character is because you resemble them.

Overall, I feel that I can use character flaws as a way to better myself. With reading, I am able to not only analyze a story but analyze myself, as well.


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