I am so excited for Bookcon. When I first attended the event last year, I felt like I was in a book heaven! This year, I hope it will make me just as happy.

Bookcon is not the easiest event to plan for. Everyday, new authors and events are added on to the Bookcon website. Also, parts of the events are confusing and the volunteers only know as much as we do. In order to have an amazing event,  you must plan ahead!!!!!


  1. Have a list of authors that you may want to see. See how I did not say schedule? Bookcon is constantly adding more authors so it is better to make a general list of people that you would want to meet. Also, do not worry about things overlapping on your list, the other things that are conflicts with the main thing that you want to see are backups. For your list, make sure you have the event or author’s name, the time, and where it is located listed on the paper. Keep updating the list as more authors are added.  
  2. Download the Bookcon app.  The app is where you will find other attendees. Also, the app is active all year round. We usually talk about books and events in NYC. However, right now, a lot of people are talking about Chicago Bookcon. I suggest starting to use the app now. We are all planning meet ups and group texts on the app right now. 
  3. Write down the ARCs and new releases that you want to find there. Any ARCs that you want to get? Write down the book and publisher to keep your eye out for them at Bookcon. 
  4. If you are a blogger, booktuber, editor, publicist, etc., order you business cards now! Business cards are essential if you want to spread the word about your business at events. They often take a while to create and print so order them now. 

So that’s all the prep that you need for this week. I’ll post another prep article next week. Which authors do you want to meet at Bookcon?


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