Social Media in Books


My blog has been very inactive and it is because of finals. Finals are the worst thing about the school year. Because I want to get decent grades on my exams, I needed to use all my time for studying. However I will be done on tuesday.

Anyway, I have been having a little conflict with many of the books I have been reading. A while ago, my aunt pointed out that many books she read in her teen years weren’t as good now because the outdated fads present in those books. I used to not notice how fads are present in books but now I feel as if they are everywhere. Personally, I am not a fan of using fads in books.

The main craze that I see authors use in their books is social media. In these past few months, most of the books I read incorporated social media into their stories. I am fine reading about a fake website that the author created but it feels a little weird when certain stories incorporate Twitter into the plot. See how I said “certain”? Not all stories are bad for using Instagram or Twitter. However, some books portray the media platforms oddly. Also, they use texting in awkward ways. For example, I once read a book where the author typed “smiley face emoji”. I would be okay if the emoji was actually present but when the author types “smiley face emoji”, it makes the idea of incorporating emojis completely pointless.

Another major thing is that fads are usually not permanent. In reality, Twitter won’t be people’s main source of media for long. Our society moves through crazes very quickly. When you use fads frequently in your novels, it makes your book feel outdated when the craze has ended. Also, it makes your book hard to relate to when you mention a fad that hasn’t been relevant for many years. For example, I read a story that heavily mentioned Myspace. Even considering this book was young adult and was targeted at the young adult audience, the book did not seem as relatable. I am 16 years old so reading about a social media platform that was only used when I was in middle school has no use for me. I could not relate to something that was not popular when I began social media. The book, no matter how amazing it is, won’t be as good because young adults today never used Myspace.

Overall, I do not enjoy social media references in books because new social media is constantly being creating and it is getting rid of previous media platforms. It is better to create a fake media platform in your book than risking your book will be outdated in a few years because of a fad you wrote about. However, this is just my opinion. I do not need anyone feeling targeted by this post. How do you feel about social media references in books?