For many of my followers that have been with me for a while, you may remember when I went to Baltimore to speak at Kidlitcon two years ago. In fact, I have an entire blog post about the experience I had at Kidlitcon.

Kidlitcon is a personal conference where people in the publishing industry gather together to discuss various writing topics. Attendees use the conference to meet others and promote their works. It is a fun and informational event. It broadens your connections and allows you to be surrounded by book lovers.

This year, I have another panel at Kidlitcon in Hershey, Pennsylvania! My panel is at 10:30 on November 3rd. The premise of my discussion is about building relationships with authors and publishers as a blogger. Here is the blurb for my panel: “It’s possible to be a blogger in isolation, but it is much more rewarding to be a blogger connected to the world of authors and publishing!  Join three experienced bloggers in a discussion of how to make and maintain those connections, and how to use those relationships to keep your blog energized and rewarding to both you and your readers”. It is going to be a very fun and interactive experience.

If you are interested in attending Kidlitcon, the convention is November 3rd and 4th at the Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania. Hershey is an interesting part of Pennsylvania because it is home to the Hershey Chocolate Factory and amusement park! There is books, chocolate, and rides- there is nothing else you could want! Also, the Hershey Lodge, where the conference is held, is gorgeous!

The price of attending both days is $130. However if you buy it before October 15th, you can save $5! The tickets also include breakfast on Saturday, the reception on Friday, and lunch on both days. You can buy tickets here.

I hope all of you can make it and that I can see all of you!!


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