Bookcon 2018 Wrap-up and Haul!!

After a few days of resting (and obviously reading my new books), I decided it was time for my Bookcon wrap-up. In my opinion, this year was very calm and organized compared to the past three years that I have attended. I felt that the lines were shorter and that there was a fair amount of giveaways and signings.

First off, I want to thank everyone who came up to me this weekend and all the new friends I made. The Bookcon experience would not be the same without the friendly atmosphere it conveys. My experiences with book lovers and authors were all positive. It was definitely one of their best years. Now, onto my haul!

Signed Books





Because I went with my mom to Bookcon, we both went different places so we had the ability to get the things we wanted. Unfortunately, my mom picked up a copy of Impostors by Scott Westerfeld which I already had. Luckily for you all, I am giving it away!! All you need to do is follow my blog and my Twitter and enter below!
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Bookcon Scheduling

It’s finally Bookcon. In all honesty, I am unprepared this year. For those who are not following me on Instagram (@marissarnicole), I was on vacation last week and graduated from high school yesterday! Because of my hectic schedule these past few months, planning for events was forgotten about until now. In fact, I am currently packing for Bookcon and writing my schedule that is for…tomorrow.

Anyway, I decided to take a temporary break from planning so that I could publish a blog post before the convention. I decided that I would give you some advice on how to create your Bookcon Schedule!!

  • Google Spreadsheet is a great way to organize the events you want to attend

My schedule includes the events name, a suggested time to get there, where it is located, and the price (this helps with budgeting).

  • Color-coding helps 

I organize the events by colors. I use different colors for how important the event is for me. This helps if you are busy throughout the event and want a clear idea of what you are missing!

  • Remember that you are not going to go to everything

For most events, you have to be online for thirty minutes BEFORE the event because they reach capacity. If you have three signings at 4:00 then you will only get to two IF YOU ARE LUCKY. Prioritize your schedule!

  • If you are bringing a partner then use the buddy system!

The buddy system is great. If you create a schedule, split the events. Sharing the ARCs/books with a friend is better than never receiving them.

  • Don’t just rely on the Bookcon website

Research all publishers and the events they have!!

  • There are events after Bookcon

Most authors go to signings afterward so if you miss them at the convention.