Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

*I was granted this ARC by the author but all opinions are my own*

TitleProof of Lies

Author: Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

Date of Publication:March 7th, 2017

Publisher:Entangled Teen

Description: Some secrets are best kept hidden…

Anastasia Phoenix has always been the odd girl out, whether moving from city to international city with her scientist parents or being the black belt who speaks four languages.

And most definitely as the orphan whose sister is missing, presumed dead.

She’s the only one who believes Keira is still alive, and when new evidence surfaces, Anastasia sets out to follow the trail—and lands in the middle of a massive conspiracy. Now she isn’t sure who she can trust. At her side is Marcus, the bad boy with a sexy accent who’s as secretive as she is. He may have followed her to Rome to help, but something about him seems too good to be true.

Nothing is as it appears, and when everything she’s ever known is revealed to be a lie, Anastasia has to believe in one impossibility.

She will find her sister.

In the first book of Diana Rodriguez Wallach’s upcoming series, she sets the stage for a story of excitement filled with intriguing characters. Proof of Lies gives the series a promising appeal. Also, this series opener allows readers to become immersed in the story that Wallach is creating.

As a reader who mainly focuses on fantasy and contemporary books, I was nervous to read something out of my comfort zone. However, I welcomed Proof of Lies with an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised. Based on this outcome, I believe that Proof of Lies is a great book for all genre-lovers.

The plot of Proof of Lies is different from your stereotypical mystery novel. Instead of the story leading us to the person who is guilty, readers are caught trying to decipher clues through conspiracy theories.

In the beginning, the book has a slower pace which made it hard for me to get interested in. A vast majority of the first half of the novel was detailing of Anastasia’s struggles and feelings which could get tiresome at various points. However, once the plot thickened, the story was addictive. I couldn’t put the book down. Readers will become invested in the story and will be on the edge of their seats while trying to uncover the mystery.

The characters in the story were written in a remarkable way. Wallach has a talent for making her characters dynamic and realistic without damaging how they are perceived by the audience. The main character, Anastasia, was a sympathetic character. Readers learn about her and the struggles that she faces in a deeper way.

Finally, I greatly enjoyed Wallach’s writing style. The author has the ability to naturally tell a story. This talent makes the story feel realistic while entertaining the audience.

Overall, Proof of Lies  is a must read for young adult lovers. Readers will greatly appreciate this debut to the series. I believe that this story will create a massive franchise. I cannot wait to see what is left for Wallach to create.


The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

TitleThe Summer I Turned Pretty

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Date of Publication:May 5th, 2009

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

Pages:Hardcover, 276 pages

Summary: Belly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer–they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one terrible and wonderful summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along

summer I turned pretty

I bought the whole series in one book a while ago because I thought it would be worth it. Sadly, the book was not worth the hype.

This review is going to be hard to write because I read the whole series in a short amount of time and since the books were all slammed into one book, I am having a hard time separating details from each book. The Summer I Turned Pretty takes place over the span of a summer. However, there were many random flashbacks that occurred without warning. It was confusing when trying to find out whether the events were occurring now or in the past.

The basis of the story is that Belly returns to her beach house one summer and is pretty. Her mom’s friend’s sons are shocked to see that the Belly that they grew up with was now beautiful. Because of her newly found beauty, the sons, Conrad and Jeremiah, develop feelings for Belly. Belly now has to choose between her lifelong crush, Conrad, and her best friend, Jeremiah.

This book was not one of my favorites. First off, the characters weren’t likable. Our main character, Belly, is a horrible person. Also, do not tell me she is relatable as a teenager because I am a teenager and she is still horrible. Do you need reasons why?

  1. She spends most of the book being selfish and rude. She brings her friend to her shore house and then gets mad at her for liking both boys. Newsflash, you can’t have both boys, Belly! Also, she’s terrible to the people she “loves”. She constantly freaks out on all of them as if she never does anything wrong. She is an emotionally weak character.
  2. Belly obsesses over Conrad, a boy who has shown no interest in her and lacks a personality, for most of her life. She revolved her life around a guy who seemed to not care for her. It was so pathetic.
  3. She annoyed me in so many ways. Whenever she was not included in things, Belly would whine and complain. Also, she always threatened to tattle-tale. Belly wanted to be treated as an adult, but she acted like a helpless child.
  4. SHE WAS SO INSENSITIVE!!! All she cared about was herself. Her comments about other people’s problems were obnoxious. 
  5. Finally, Belly was extremely superficial. Half of the time, Belly would mention how pretty she had become. Also, it seemed like every male in the entire world was attracted to her. I hate when authors make their character seem like everyone’s prized object. Honesty, Belly was too annoying to have all those guys attracted to her.

Next, Conrad was extremely moody. He was supposed to be described as a dark and dreamy love interest. Sadly, he was a helpless asshole who only cared about himself. The children had to always help Conrad despite him being the oldest.

Another thing that I did not enjoy was how superficial the book was. I feel that the message in this story was that if you are pretty then everyone will be attracted to you. Basically, the message says that being pretty is everything. Not a very good message for teenage girls.

Though I did not like this book, I enjoyed a few things. The relationship between the mom and Susannah was adorable. I felt that their bond was expressed very well. I also liked the setting and beach vibe.

Overall, I would not recommend. The good did not outweigh the bad.

Rules For 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern

Rules For 50/50 Chances is a unique read. I have never read about the topic of Huntington Disease.

In my biology class, we learned about genetic disorders. One of the dominant genetic disorders that we focused on was Huntington’s Disease. When learning about it, I did feel sympathy for the people suffering from the disease. However, when learning about it, we didn’t go over it great detail. We never learned how badly it affects your life.

Reading Rules For 50/50 Chances, you learn about Huntington’s Disease from a daughter of a victim. You read about it as if you are experiencing the pain firsthand. You realize how brutal people have it.

Seeing Rose watch her mother slowing deteriorate from the disease was heartbreaking. You watch as her mother became something different from who she was. You saw how the disease affected the rest of the family. You witnessed the anxiety that Rose faced when she realized she could find out if she has the trait.

The plot was okay. I loved how family and friend oriented the story was. Rose’s constant battle between whether she should do things was annoying but was related.

The characters were extremely diverse! Not only was there characters of differents races and religions, the story addresses the diversity well. I loved most characters but not Rose. She was a pitiful character. Despite Caleb’s family’s battle with Sickle Cell disease, Rose tried to make him feel inferior to her when it came to messed up genes. Hello, Rose, it is not a competition! Another annoying trait was she never makes up her mind. The story spends chapters going back-and-forth about a single topic.

Overall, the story is enjoyable. It gives you amazing insight into Huntington’s disease.

What I Got For Christmas


Hello fellow book lovers!

Sorry that I have been M.I.A. I was busy preparing for Christmas and the Monday after the holiday, I had to get my wisdom teeth out. I was going to show you the humiliating video of me after the surgery but I can’t add it to the post:(.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all what I got for Christmas! Despite Christmas not being all about presents, I wasn’t in the mood to write a review and thought this topic would be fun to write about. Plus, this post gives recognition to all the amazing people who thought of me this holiday. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports me! I Love and support you all, too!

Thank you mom and dad for the gifts you have given me for Christmas (the gifts are listed below)! I love you!

  • V.I.P tickets to Bookcon in Chicago!!!
  • Rapunzel Pop Funko
  • Sadness Pop Funko
  • Captain Hook (OUAT) Pop Funko
  • Emma Swan Pop Funko
  • Rules For 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern
  • Makeup
  • Clothes
  • UGGs
  • A kitten (this was my dad’s gift but it benefits the whole family)
  • A ‘Read Local’ mug
  • An owl Wind and Fire bangle
  • An Raphael the Archangel Wind and Fire bangle (I got this bracelet when I got my wisdom teeth out because Raphael the Archangel is a protector)
  • Pajamas from both my brother and my parents

Thank you to my additional family for the kindhearted gifts and the endless love you have bestowed on me throughout the years.

  • Thank you to my Aunt Diana and Uncle Jordan for giving me two personalized signed books by Emery Lord.
  • Thank you to my Nana and Ron for giving me money and a Victoria Secret perfume.
  • Thank you to my Grandma and Grandpa for giving me money and Philosophy lotion.
  • Thank you for my Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Dave for the energy Alex and Ani bracelet.
  • Thank you to Aunt Deb and Uncle John for a Barnes and Noble gift card which I used to buy A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

Thank you to all my incredible friends for their thoughtful gifts. I love you all!

  • Thank you to Taylor who gave me a Disney mug, two Tangled ornaments, and jelly beans. Also, thank you for buying me Dunkin Donuts prior to my surgery, and  Wawa macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes after my surgery.
  •  Thank you, James, for the snowflake Wind and Fire bangle and the giant teddy bear.
  • Thank you to Christina for getting me a Barnes and Noble gift card and a tea tower. I used the Barnes and Noble gift card to buy I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson.
  • Thank you to Nicole for buying me a Bath & Bodyworks lotion.
  • Thank you to Chloe for giving me Bath & Bodyworks lotion, EOS lip balm, and a necklace.
  • Thank you to Tori for giving me a paris themed notebook and travel mug, and a Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer.
  • Thank you to Emily Medina for a Barnes and Noble gift card which I still need to use.
  • Thank you, Julia, for Bath and Bodyworks lotion and hand sanitizer, and Pink perfume.
  • Finally, thank you to my secret santa (I find out who it is tonight!) for getting me A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnson, a notebook, tea, candles, and TMI tattoos.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What I am Thankful For

Marissa Nicole

Happy Thanksgiving!


Throughout the holiday season, we tend to loose track of what the true meaning of the celebrations are. Instead of spending this day being thankful, we spend today yearning for a big feast and scout the lowest prices for Black Friday. Sadly, I have been guilty of this.


To not be ignorant to the holiday, I decided to put together a list of things that I am thankful for:


  • My friends who always stick by me no matter what.
  • My family who have raised me with love and kindness.
  • Shadow, my cat who had died this past September. Though his life was short, he had given me a wonderful 11 years.
  • My blog which has granted me so many wonderful opportunities and allowed meet to meet all of you.
  • My ability to have the education that has been bestowed onto me.
  • My health that is still strong.
  • My life that is filled with many wonderful adventures.
  • That I am able to have the things I own.
  • All the privileges I have been granted.
  • And finally, you! To all my readers and followers, I am eternally grateful for you all. Love you!