Bookcon Prep: Two Weeks Until Bookcon!!!!


We are so close to Bookcon and BEA. I am so excited and stressed! Because it is so close, I feel like I am way behind on planning. However, this post will help you all be prepared for the awesome events!

Start finalizing your schedule!!

Last week, I told all of you to create a general list of authors that you want to see. I, also, mentioned that it is okay to have overlapping events. Today, I am telling you to create a schedule including the overlapping events. For the schedule, include the name of the thing you want to see, the time, where it is located, and if it requires a wristband or purchase. All of these things will help you be informed of events at Bookcon. Despite not following my schedule last year, it was nice to see my backup events incase something fell through, and to know if I needed money for an event. Also, writing which booths you want to see will help you keep track of where everything is. Knowing the publisher’s booth number will help you find them if they are giving away ARCs. I highly suggest color coding your schedule! For example: blue=necessity, yellow=kind of want to see, orange=only a backup to the backup, and green=booths.

You should have done this already, but if you are a blogger or a booktuber and you want to interview an author, request an interview with them in the next few days!!

Even if you can’t interview them at Bookcon, you may be able to interview the author after the event. However, authors are busy and they have many other bloggers asking for interviews. If you really want to interview an author then you need to email their publicist now.

Start planning hangouts with your book friends.

Do you remember how I said to download the Bookcon app last week? Well, here’s why: You are going to meet so many awesome bookworms and you may even meet up with a few of them. If you are on the app then you may have heard about a Google Hangouts group. I started the group to initially help the newbie Bookcon attendees. Now, we are all planning on going out to dinner twice during the weekend of Bookcon and hanging out at Bookcon. If you’d like to join, contact me. Anyway, meeting a few attendees before the event will only benefit you. Also, make reservations for restaurants, if you are going out to eat with other attendees, soon! You do not want to have to wait for a table for a long time, especially if it is right after Bookcon.

If you are traveling from out of state, make sure you booked your hotel and airplane.

Prices are going up for airlines and hotel. If you want a hotel near the convention center, you need to buy your room now. You will regret it if you wait any longer.

Start planning how much money you will bring to Bookcon and/or Chicago.

You do not want to go into Bookcon being blind to how much money you need. Look on the website, they will say which authors require purchases. The price of books at Bookcon are the same as Barnes and Noble’s prices. Honestly, it is not worth it to buy books that you don’t need for signings. You can probably get the book for cheaper online. Bookish merchandise is the same price as it is online, but if you check ‘Show Specials’ they will tell you if anything is on sale. Lunch at Bookcon is pretty expensive (at least it was last year). There is also a Starbucks at McCormick’s place so if you think you will buy coffee, bring money for it.

Start choosing which books you will bring to Bookcon!

Bring no more than ten books from home!!!!! If you stay near the show floor for most of the event, you will get more than thirty books. If you did not know, thirty books or more is really heavy. You do not want to carry thirty books from home along with the books you get. You will be in pain. Only bring the books you really want to get signed!

So, that is my “Two Weeks Before Bookcon” checklist. Incase you missed my original Bookcon Q&A: here it is!! Also, here is my “Three Weeks Before Bookcon” checklist! Comment below any Bookcon/BEA questions that you may have!

Also, I really hate doing this but I had to create a Go Fund Me in order to get money from a scholarship and I still need a little bit of money to cover some funds for my sign language classes.

The scholarship was for relatives of Entangled Teen authors. Since my aunt is an author at Entangled Teen, I was able to enter. The scholarship required you to write an essay saying what you would do with the money if you win. I wrote my essay about the A.S.L. classes that I want to take. Fortunately, I won the second place prize of $500.

The closest class to me costs over $500. Also, you need to pay to test into the class, get a non-drivers license, and pay the $20 fee. Sadly, I need more than one class to become fluent in A.S.L. It is my dream to be fluent before college. If you can, can you  help me achieve my dream by donating a little money to my page? Thank you so much!  Here is the link:


Happy Easter!


I tried to make a cute easter photo but I failed terribly.

HAPPY EASTER TO MY LOVELY READER! I hope you have an amazing holiday! Also, I hope you have the ability to spend this day with someone you love! Have a wonderful day filled with laughter and love.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Page Chronicles for nominating me! The Versatile Blogger Award is the first award that my blog has been nominated for. Thank you for the nomination.

Rules for this award:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

Facts about me:

  • I don’t like ebooks. That doesn’t mean that I think paper books are better than ebooks, I just prefer paper books. Ebooks, in my opinion, are harder to read. However, I do enjoy them on certain occasions.
  • I love learning new languages. I take Spanish in school, but I will learn American Sign language over the summer. I know basic signs, but I decided that I want to further my knowledge of A.S.L. through a hands-on course. After I learn these two languages, I will begin either French or Italian.
  • I love to read during school and out in public. When I am home, I feel unfocused and unable to read many books. My favorite reading spot is on buses, planes, trains, or any form of transportation.
  • My favorite place that I have been to is California. I go there every year and each time I go I find something new to love. My family usually goes to San Diego but we have begun to travel to Yosemite more.
  • I cannot read on the beach or at a pool. If I am near water and am able to swim, then I will spend my whole day in the water. If you take me to the beach, I will stay in the ocean until it is time to leave. No matter how many times I go to the beach, I will never not spend my whole day in the water.
  • I either read a lot of books and barely watch TV, or I barely read a book and binge watch a whole series on Netflix. Just like I love to read, I love to watch TV. My favorite shows right now are The 100, Once Upon a Time, Recovery Road, Jessica Jones, New Girl, and The Vampire Diaries. I want to start watching Orphan Black but I do not know where I can start watching the series.
  • I keep buying books because I get them at really great prices, but I have no room for them. I have three bookshelves that are filled with books so most books end up in a huge pile on my dresser. The worst part about it is that my TBR is huge and won’t stop growing.

Who I nominate:

  1. The Book Jar Blog
  2. The Perks of Being a Bookworm
  3. The Book Cove Book Club
  4. Emily Reads Everything
  5. Warning Spoiler Alert
  6. Books with Lucy
  7. Anne Books
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  9. Little Book Star
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  12. Stella Marie
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  14. Living in a World of Books
  15. and anyone else who has not been nominated!

Feel free to not do this nomination if you’re already overloaded with others, have already done this, or simply don’t want to do it!

1 Year of Blogging

1 Year of

I feel like a terrible blogger. Not only did I forget my blog’s anniversary, I forgot to post a blog post on that day. In my defense, I was preoccupied with finishing out my third quarter of sophomore year. However, I have a few posts for this week celebrating my blog.

I can’t believe a year has already passed since I started this blog. I still remember the day I joined because I thought that you had to be a blogger to get in to book events and I wanted to meet fellow bookworms. Since then, I’ve met so many people and have been to so many wonderful events. It’s crazy to see how far my blog has come. What started as a small and unprofessional website with horrible grammar, has become a slightly bigger website with improved grammar. I’m incredibly proud of how this year has played out.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I want to say a few thank yous. First, thank you to all my readers. You have made my blog into something better than I have ever expected. You helped me complete my dream of reaching out to other bookworms. Without your support, my blog would have never improved.

Thank you to all my book friends. Before blogging, I never had friends who I could talk about reading to. Fortunately, I found you lovely people. You have supported me and my blog immensely. Thank you for being the friends I always needed. I may not say this much, but I love you and am grateful to have met you. You have made this journey worth it.

Next, thank you to all the authors and publishers who have supported me by sending me their books. I know how important your books are to you and I’m enternally grateful for your trust in me reading your work. You have helped my blog in an enormous way.

Finally, thank you to my parents. Buying a website, logo, and business cards is expensive and it is nice to have two amazing people who have supported my blog by helping contribute to some of the funds. Also, thank you for attending my book events despite not actually enjoying hearing about reading. I know there are about 100 other places you’d like to be but you chose to support me instead. I love you.

Also, I have some advice to people who want to start blogging. You will receive criticism from people. I remember when I started blogging, some of my friends thought it was nerdy to write about books. At first, I thought that I should quit since I didn’t want to seem weird. However, I decided to stick with what I love to do. I can honestly say I never regretted that decision. People always find something negative to say about what you do, that’s life. However, you can’t alter your life to please others. You have to do what you want to do because in the end, that’s all that matters. Book blogging was the best decision that I made.  It made me happier than I ever was. It is my therapy. If I never continued with blogging then I would still be a sad girl who had to hide her love of reading. I have had so many adventures from this blog. If anyone ever tells you to quit blogging, ignore them. You have an incredible opportunity that they wish they had. Don’t take that for granted.

Thank you for an amazing year and I look forward to more years to come. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you all. I love you.

How To Continue Reading Despite a Busy Schedule

Because my spring break is quickly approaching, I have become bombarded with work. Between taking the IOWA tests, starting softball, doing CrossFit, finishing many papers for school, and almost being done the third marking period of Sophomore year, I feel completely overwhelmed.

During times where I have an increased amount of work, I tend to lose time for reading and writing. As you can tell, my blog has been pretty inactive lately. I swear it is not because I am quitting, it is because I can’t find time to write. I decided that since I haven’t completed a book, I would post a piece about how to find time for reading when you are busy.

Read when you find time at work/school/anywhere else.

The time where I read the most is during school. When I am already in a learning environment, I feel more focused. Whenever I finish a test or assignment, I pick up my book and read. Also, if I want to, I will read during my lunch break. If you don’t make time during the day to read, you cannot expect to find time.

If you use public transportation then try to read during your commute.

Whether it be a bus, train, or even a plane, I find that reading when traveling helps pass the time. For me, it is easy for to read when commuting to school because I do not drive. However, for some people I understand why it would be difficult.

Read a chapter a night!

My golden rule for staying motivated is to read a chapter a night. A chapter is not a lot but it is better than not reading at all. By reading a chapter a night, you are able to not fall too deep into a reading slump.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I know how hard reading can be in busy situations but it is manageable. Please let me know in the comments of any tips that you have!